Complete Your Audit For Stronger SEO

Doing audit is the basic for SEO. It is important that you understand the basic of SEO before you try to innovate new methods for your site’s SEO. Without basic, you have no foundation, therefore would be easy to get broken should anything happen to your site. SEO Malaysia understands that foundation is very important SEO, and doing audits should become a habit. Here are some areas that you need to audit for your local sites:

  • Technical audit

Before you launch your site, it is essential that you do a technical audit. Technical audit would give you opportunity to ensure you do not have hurdles when it is first being crawled. There are a lot of tools in doing technical audit. SEO Malaysia advises that you use more than one tool, because it gives you multiple perspectives when auditing both on-page and off-page links. Common issues would be internal links, markup implementation, crawl errors in GSC, and server issues.

  • Strategy and cannibalization

In regards of local site, sometimes it would be too easy to accidentally cannibalize your own content. It is essential to review your keywords that actually make you rank and which pages have those keywords. If they keywords fluctuate between those pages, it might be a sign that the search engines are confuse on your focus. Therefore sometimes it would be a good idea to step back and evaluate the overall strategy.

  • Off-page audit

Off-page signals build your site’s authority, so it is important that you focus on back links and citations consistency. If you own a local business, you should consider whether or not you want certain links to refer you. On having this perspective, it would allow your site to have clean link profile to boost its organic search rank.
Those are some focuses you need to approach on auditing your site’s SEO. Although the idea is simple, the audits themselves can be quite complex hence hiring experts might be a better option for many businesses. SEO Malaysia would be happy to help businesses across the globe to strengthen SEO for the betterment of their business.