Malaysian Aviation Schools

Malaysian Aviation Schools

The UA Aerospace Malaysia and aviation industry in Malaysia mostly comprises of commercial airlines and airline cargo companies. The most popular airline companies in Malaysia consist of local companies such as AirAsia and Malaysian Airlines, but also international companies like Malindo Air and Lion Air. With this industry in this country, there are some aviation schools and colleges that enables the technical learning of aviation based courses for people who are interested in carrying a profession in this industry.

One of the Aviation schools in Malaysia is Malaysia Airlines Academy. This academy is under Malaysian Airlines and is categorised as one of the leading places in learning for the regional aviation industry. There are ua malaysia many different types of programmes catered for all profession types, where it be a pilot, cabin crew,  or an aviation professional. The facilities here are well equipped with simulators, rooms and such that is to accommodate the learning and training.

Another aviation school that is available in Malaysia is ADMAL Aviation College that is located in Sepang, Selangor. There are many different programmes offered in this college, which are a diploma course in aviation business, aircraft maintenance, and an aircraft engineer course.  The facilities in this college is equipped with classrooms, a library, dorms, transportation, suraus and also a gym.

Malaysian Flying Academy is also another private institution that offers programmes catered to individuals who are interested to join the aviation and UA aerospace Malaysia industry. This aviation school is located near the Malacca International Airport. The courses that are offered here are programmes in piloting only. There are quite good facilities here at Malaysian Flying Academy, where they accommodate the dorm rooms.

The colleges and schools listed here, are mainly private institutions. Entering local Malaysian universities can also help in pursuing a career in the aviation industry as many top level local universities such as University Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia offers engineering courses if you may want to pursue an aircraft engineering position.

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