Why Do You Need A Spelling And Grammar Checker?

“Any good writer would agree that I definitely need a good проверка орфографии онлайн, grammar checker and even a punctuation checker because it should be obvious that I’m not a good speller, grammarian and that my use of punctuation is not very good even though I try really, really hard to be a good writer and spell write and use gud grammar and punctuate really, really well. I could improve my righting. If I wanted to.”

Phew! That is a BAD paragraph up there! Very few people would disagree with that assessment of this terrible writing. It’s full of spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes and good style is nonexistent. You’ve heard of run-on sentences, right? Well, that first sentence is a doozy of a run-on sentence. And the last sentence isn’t even a sentence. It’s a sentence fragment.

What should this paragraph look like? It should look like this:

“Any good writer would agree that I definitely need a good spell checker, grammar checker and even a punctuation checker. It should be obvious that I’m not a good speller or grammarian, and that my punctuation is also not good. Even though I try to write well, spell correctly, use good grammar and punctuate well, I find it difficult to improve my writing style. I could improve my writing style if I tried.”

You might ask, how did I improve that awful paragraph? The spelling was atrocious, the grammar was horrendous, the punctuation was barely present and the style… well, what style?

I used a fully featured writer’s software program to analyze the writing in context and identify the needed corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation and text enhancement. Then I clicked one key on my computer and the whole paragraph was instantly corrected. This software is not like any ordinary spell checker. Spell checkers that come with computer writing software (word processors) are useful in that they catch many spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, there are many spelling mistakes that they miss. For example, they are not powerful enough to detect and correct mistakes like “I will fend the write paperwork” (“I will find the right paperwork”). That’s because both “fend” and “write” are spelled correctly, but both are the wrong words to be used in the context of the sentence. Word processors also are not powerful enough to analyze all aspects of grammar, plus text and style enhancement.

Consider this: If you use a sophisticated but inexpensive English writing software program, all of your written work will look better to your readers and employers, AND you will learn while you write. Learn while you write! How is that possible? As these programs identify errors you will see the corrections that are suggested and you will learn those corrections. This is true whether the program is correcting for spelling, grammar, punctuation, contextual word use or even whole sentence or paragraph text enhancement. It’s all fixed at the same time with one click on your keyboard or your mouse, after you see what needs to be changed. It’s that easy.